Treating Piles with Homeopathy Remedy

PILES (Haemorrhoids)

Veins swollen out side or inside the anus. Such swellings may be a single or a number of them clustering together. They are painful, itching, pricking, shooting, burning and throbbing. The pains increase during the passage of stool. Sometimes these pains may be present for a number of hours after motion. Blood passes out like a stream with every stool. The main cause is obstinate constipation. The sedentary and luxurious habit is also another cause. The piles may be internal or external. They may be blind or bleeding. Patient should take more fiber food and plenty of water. 30 potency daily 2 times, 200 weekly twice and 1M weekly once.

Sulphur 30:- It is useful for all types of piles. There will be itching and burning of anus. Frequent insufficient and unsuccessful desire for stool. It is also useful for anal prolapse. Redness around the anus. 

Nux vom 30 :- Useful for all types of piles with a burning and constipation , Bleeding piles due to highly seasoned food and intoxicating drinks or sedentary habits. It is also associated with mental and physical strain and night watching and nursing. There is discharge of blood after evacuation of the stool.

The above two remedies will cure a number of cases. Nux Vom should be given at night and the sulphur on the following morning. They can be given for a week or two . Or give sulphur 1M every month for 3 or 4 months and Nux Vom 30 3 times daily

Hamamelis 30 to 1M:- It has won its greatest triumphs in curing piles. Painless bleeding with soreness followed by prostration. The blood is of a dark colour. Anus feels sore and raw.

Aesculus Hip 30 :• Hemorrhoids with sharp shooting pains up the back. They are sore with aching and burning, itching and a sensation of full sticks or splinters in the rectum. Hard dry stools pass with difficulty. Pain in back and hips.Walking, standing, movement of bowels.

Aloes 30:- It is indicated when the piles protrude like a bunch of

Treating ALLERGIES by Homeopathy Medicines

Generally the allergy occurs in sensitive people. It is caused by different substances depending on the resistance of the people. Substances which cause allergy are called ailergins. These allergins are of different kinds. They enter into the body with air, food, sensation or by injunctions. Dust in house, bazaar, pollen, smoke etc. will enter through the air.Some wil! get allergy by domestic animals, food substances like eggs, fish and vegetables. Medicines like penicillin, aspirin, sulphur etc. wil! cause allergy. Some people get allergy by their profession. For example photographers, mechanics, painters, etc. will get allergy from the substances they use. Atmospheric changes like sunrays, wet weather, cold, hot, rain cause allergy. Mental stress, struggles, sorrow also cause allergy.

KINDS OF ALLERGIES A. Nasal allergy (Sneezing, sinusitis):- These are explained in their

respective chapters. B, Bronchits, C. Asthma, D. urticaria. 

E.Contact dermatitis : Lip sticks , face creams, hairdyes, scents, plastic watch stappers, kumkum, ointments, soaps, detergents, paints etc. cause allergy. Give the following medicines, weekly twice.

E.a. Sulphur 200 :- Itching, warm weather relief. Worse scratching and
washing.                     45

E.b. Graphites 200 : Cracks on skin and oozes honey like secretions.

e.g. Crocus 200 or 1 M:- Kum-kum causes itching on forehead. Skin become black

E.d. Hepar sulph or Cinnabaris 200 or 1M For itching of any kind.

  1. Sunrays :- When exposed to sun rays some diseases occur. Use the following medicines depending on the symptoms.

F.a. Belladonna 200 :- On the sides of head beating type of pains.

F.b. Nat Mur 200 :- Hammering headache. Black spots are formed on the skin.

G.Drug allergy : After taking some allopathic drugs patient gets headache, eruptions on skin or burning in stomach. In such cases one should stop them and take the following homeo medicines to remove the bad ettects. Give 2 or 3 doses for 3 or 4 days.

G.a. Asprin – Carbo veg 30, Antipyfin 30.

G.b. Iron tablets- Pulsatilla 30, China 30.

G.c. Diarrhoea – Nux vom 30.

G.d. Quinine – China 30, Nat Mur 30.

G.e. Antibiotics – Carbo Veg 200, Nux Vom 200, Nitric Acid 200, Sulphur 200Tuberculinum1M

G.f.. Homoeo medicine: – Camphor 200

H.Food allergy

The following remedies can be given for the various food allergies.

H.a. Bread and starch preparations- Bryonia 200, Nat Mur 200, Pulsatilla 200

H.b. Butter – Pulsatilla 200, Carbo veg 200

H.c. Cane sugar drinks : Ars Alb -200

H.d. Cold foods-Ars Alb-200

H.e. Eggs- Lecithin 200, Ferr Met 200, China, Ars Alb 200,1M

H.f. Fish – Ferr Met 30,200, Plumbum 200, Chini Ars 200,1M

H.g. Fruits -Ars Alb 200, China 200

H.h. Meat- Ferr Met 200, Pulsatil^ 200,



  1. Homoeo medicines are generally prescribed on the totality of the

patient’s symptoms. Hence there will not be any diagnostic expenses.

  1. The cost of the medicine is minimum when compared to other medical


  1. There will not be any side effects. The time taken for the cure is much

less. Miracle cures can be obtained in a short time. No poisonous side

effects of these drugs are experienced as they do not have any material

in them.           •       _/

  1. No expiry for homoeo medicines if they are kept in wooden boxes,

and protected from sun light.

  1. If every home has a small homoeo kit with a small book, a number of

acute diseases can be cured by the family members without going to a

doctor. One can avoid transport charges and doctor fees. The learning

of homeopathy is highly advantageous for people who live in remote

villages and rural areas without access to medical aid.

f.. The children like these sweet pills and there will not be any difficulty

in giving to them. The homoeo medicines work well in children who are

unadulterated subjects.

  1. The maintenance of homoeo hospitals is very cheap. In many cases

sofisticated equipment is not essential at all.

  1. In epidemic diseases these are very effective as prophylactic and

with the least expenditure a large number of people can be treated.

This has been proved in recent years controlling and preventing brain

fever, conjunctivitis, Chikun Gunya, Dengue fever, gastroenteritis etc.

Malarial fever can also be prevented by giving a homoeo medicine,

Malaria Officinalis as prophylactic in malaria prone villages.

Homeopathy Remedy for Corns


They are round hypertrophies of the epidermis. They are gener­ally present on soles and palms. They are hard and painful.

 Antimonium crudum 200 or 1M : This is almost a specific. They

are formed from pressure of shoes. 200 weekly twice. 1M weekly


Ferr. Picricum 30 : Better for recent ones. Daily 2 times

 Acid Nitricum 200 : When the corns swell and ulcers are formed,

give twice weekly.

Radium Bromide 200 : In obstinate cases give this intercurretnly

once in 10 days along with any indicated remedy.

Thuja 200 : Head remedy for corns. Weekly twice. Tincture should

be applied externally.

Sulphur 1M : If no relief, give this once in 15 days.

Hydrastis Q or Hypericum Q or Arnica or Sulphuric Acidq:-

Apply externally, daily twice.

Ranumculas Bulb 200: Sensitinve to touch and it burns.

Food Restrictions for taking Homeopathy Medicines:

FOOD RESTRICTIONS for taking Homeopathy Remedy:

The patient should take a balanced diet and avoid the food which aggravate the disease. The special diet is not only useful to cure in many cases but also to prevent.

  1. Whole meal like wheat flour is always better than refined flour, b. Artificial colouring agents and preservatives are not good, c. Sugar and salt intake should be minimized.
  2. Animal fats like pork, lamb, fatty meal, egg, butter, cream should be kept minimum,

e, Excessive intake of fried food should be avoided f. Alcohol should be avoided.

  1. Bran (Grains husk) is good for intestines and prevents constipation. Daily 1 or 2 spoons of rice bran intake is good. It acts as a mechanical aid to the function of gut. It also absorbs the toxins like a sponge.
  2. Fresh fruits and vegetable Juices are also ideal.
  3. Avoid tea, coffee, tobacco, smoking, jarada, pan masalas during

homoeo treatment.

  1. During diarrhoea take liquid foods (barley, gangi, Java etc).
  2. Avoid sexual intercourse when suffering from sexual diseases like

gonorrhoea and syphilis.

  1. Cancer patients should avoid meat and fried food. They have to take

honey, grapes, coconut water and sprouted grains, Wheat grass juice is


  1. Avoid taking any thing before and after one hour of taking the homoeo