Tumour drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 17
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Tumour drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 17

Tumour drops - Dr. Reckeweg R 17

    Description : Tumour drops All tumours, malignant or benign, carcinomata. Regenerator of diseased tissues (tuberculous ulceration). Growths and eczema affecting external and internal organs. Inflammatory and tropic rashes. Anomalous epithelial growths, formation of scales and warts. The remedy is meant to be a supplementary medication in the treatment of malignancy. It is advisable to administer R 17 post-operatively or after radiation therapy since it has been observed to improve the patients general sense of well-being. Severe pains in advance stages of malignancy are frequently eased by the use of R 17 Involvement of the female pelvic organs: additionally R 38, respectively R 39 In anaemia: additionally R 31 In diseases of the prostate: See R 25 To stimulate hepatic function: additionally R 7, 10-15 drops once daily.
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    Naja tripudians D6, Scrophularia nod. D2.
    Short Description : Naja trip: Regenerator of diseased tissues, suppressed carcinomatous growths, increases the defensive forces of the organism. Skin swelling caused by tumours and eschars, slow formation of pus, attenuation and diminution of pus. Affections of serous skin, the muscles and the mucous membranes. In tumours the surrounding skin is swollen with slow formation of pus. scrophularia nodosa: Carcinomata, glandular swellings of a cancerous nature. regenerator of diseased tissues. Appearance of malignant and benign lumps in the breast, growing slowly into tumours. stomach ulcers with a cancerous tendency. Myomea, uterine carcinomata, epithelial and scirrhous tumours.
    Product type : Drops
    Dosage : Usually 10-15 drops in some water three times daily before meals. If malignancy is suspected administer 20 drops in some water four times daily. Reduce dosage gradually only after improvement sets in and continue medication for several months.
    Strength : Bottle of 22ml.
    Manufacturer : Dr. Reckeweg & Co. Gmbh
    Packing : Bottle
    Remaining : 100 Product
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